Using the Bm Ukulele Sound to Add Emotion

Nowadays, who doesn’t know a musical instrument called ukulele? It is a picked string instrument similar to a guitar. The only prominent difference between ukulele and guitar is their size. Most ukuleles do not have significant differences much one from another.

The ukulele was invented in Hawaii in 1879. There are many enthusiasts of ukulele in Indonesia. These enthusiasts mainly play guitar too, and because of the similarity, they decide to start playing ukulele.

Without any minor chords, songs played with a ukulele will sound boring and soulless. As we all know, minor chords provide a romantic, sad, intimate feeling to songs. They are contrasting with major chords that sound happier and more positive. Sooner or later, you will have to use minor chords when playing a song.

The Bm ukulele sound is one of the chords you will need to add a surprise element to your songs. The minor chords usually sound emotional, angry, and passionate, including the B minor chord. Some of the minor chords most used when you play ukulele are A minor, B minor, C minor, D minor, E minor, F minor, and G minor.

There are four ways to play the B minor chord:

But some ukulele players claim that the B minor chord is one of the hardest to play. It probably feels hard to execute because it involves an unnatural finger position with a huge distance between fingers. This can be felt even more by players with small hands. In order to overcome this difficulty, there must be an easier way to play this chord.

Luckily, there is. If it does not exist, most of ukulele players will not be able to include the Bm ukulele sound in their songs. Remember, this chord is one of the most essential.

Here are some tips on playing the B minor chord:

kind of Bm chord on ukulele

  1. Grip the neck of your ukulele tightly.

Pretend that the neck of your ukulele is the neck of your arch enemy. Providing a strong hold to your ukulele enhances your confidence, and makes it possible to deliver a clear sound. And check the harmony of each string.

ukulele tunning

  1. Do not ever use four fingers.

Unless you are an expert, it is not beneficial to use four fingers in playing the B minor chord because it demands you to be extremely precise. Therefore, you will not be able to make a nice sounding transition from or to the B minor chord.

  1. Use the barre technique.

If it sounds strange, the barre technique is laying your index finger across the entire fret on fret 2. Remember to apply just the right amount of pressure – not too hard and not too weak.

Using the Bm Ukulele Sound in Songs

Trust me, if you learn to play this chord the easier way, you will not regret it. Whether you have just started learning to play the ukulele or you are already an expert, the Bm ukulele sound always will always have an important place in your songs. When you already know how to play this chord by heart, it will be easier to execute.

The song you are playing will have a smoother flow and your audiences will enjoy it more. That’s the way to becoming a well-known ukulele musician.