Ukulele Chord Chart Bm

Are you a Korean Pop fans ? or maybe you ever watch “Wanna one” ? B minor is such a horrible rank for your idol. Those things are similar to chord B minor. It will be a gift and disaster, so depend on the way you play on it. When you don’t know how to play with the valid technique, your song will become lousy.

When you can play it well, you will become amazing and your harmony will arrange well. Don’t you really curious to searching for the right way to play this chord. Basically, there are four ways to with this chord on ukulele. You can see below to figure it out.

When you see the first figure, I know that you try to calculate the amount of dot on the chord chart. There are five dots over there, but you don’t need your whole finger to press it down all of the strings on ukulele. There will be precise way to solve that problems. Even when you are the first time, you will look like the professional one.

The Cheating Way For Ukulele Chord Chart Bm

chord bm in many styles

chord bm in many styles

The right hand can bring you to the good rhythm of the music. For the first picture, you can place your index finger to hold down the four strings at the second fret. Then, you lay your ring finger to push down the G string at the forth fret. It is easy right rather than to hold every string by using all of your fingers. Next we will move to the second picture.

That picture showed you another way to play Ukulele Chord Chart Bm. You can just lay your index finger on the A string at the fifth fret. After that, you can place your middle finger on C string at sixth fret. At the seventh fret, you have to press the G and E strings. You have to do it together and try to pull it together to get the right symphony. The rest will use similar fingering, so you can figure it out.