Tips to Play Bm Ukulele Chord

Bm Ukulele chord

Don’t you love to hear song which is played by ukulele. Maybe you also have passion to learn and play on it. When you are a beginner and want to play a song in B minor chord, it will become a challenge for you because it is a little bit uneasy for beginner or chilling your finger.

When you already master it, you can play so many songs such as Nobody Can Save Me which is played by Linkin Park or Riding with The King when you love blues rock style. In the other words, you may think it is cool, eventough this chord does not as popular as another chord.

Tips How to Play Bm Chord by Ukulele

There are four tips to play ukulele with this Bm Ukulele chord:

Never Cover The Strings by Four Fingers

bm chord for beginner

When you are a beginner, maybe you will ignore all of fingering that is important. You will just lay on your finger to cover the strings and try to pull the string. The tone will appear beautifully, but you will meet the problem when you try to play the song faster. You will confuse for your own finger and destroy the harmony. This is happening due to you use the four fingers.

Right Fingering Correct Harmony

bm chord

The most important thing to do is placing the right hand to press the string. We have five fingers such as thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky. In this case of B minor, we can use index finger to cover the four strings at second fret rather than use your four fingers to press them. Then, you can place your ring finger on the forth string at the forth fret.

Don’t Forget to Bend the Middle Finger


In Bm Ukulele Chord, you will not use the middle finger to press the strings, so don’t forget to bend it. When you are not bending it, you may touch the string accidentally. You only require two fingers from your left hand such as index and ring finger. You have to remember, the right handing method can allow you to play easier in B minor.

Keep on Practicing about Bm Ukulele Chord

They key of success in musical instrument including of ukulele is practice. Practice makes perfect, so you have to be patient to remember B minor chord. When you repeat it continuously, you can remind it well and your brain will record it better day by day. Don’t try to learn another chord when you still don’t fluent in one chord. Keep fighting and do your best.