Facing the Challenge of Bm Ukulele Finger Position

You might not need this chord much, but when you will feel really challenged when you need it. To ukulele players, the Bm ukulele finger position is difficult to perform because it involves laying your index finger across the second fret, or frequently called a barre.

You also have to reach across all of the strings, which might seem impossible for players with smaller hands. It is difficult to play this chord with such clarity. Trying to play this chord at the first attempt might be intimidating, but don’t be afraid. This article will help you in overcoming this challenge.

It is not recommended to perform the Bm ukulele finger position by using four fingers. Using four fingers demands you to be extremely precise – and this is not something everyone can execute easily. But don’t worry, if you are still a beginner, you will find this chord easier to play as your skills develop. When you succeed playing this chord once, you won’t have to struggle in the future.

Executing the Bm Ukulele Finger Position

There are four possible variations to play the Bm chord, as illustrated below:

kind of Bm chord on ukulele

The first finger position is the most common one used by ukulele players. Here is how to play it:

  1. Press strings 1, 2, and 3 on fret number two with your index finger.
  2. Using your middle finger, press the fourth string on fret number four.
  3. Pick all of the ukulele strings using your right hand.

If your index finger is not strong enough, try placing your middle finger above your index finger for more strength. This way, you can play the chord with much more confidence. When using this method (the assistance of middle finger), change the finger you’re supposed to use on step number two (middle finger) to your ring finger.

ukulele finger

Obviously, your middle finger cannot do two jobs at once. Sometimes, reversing steps one and two will help you. Here is an interesting fact about this chord: Try moving your finger from fret 2, to fret 1, and finally to fret 0, where the barre won’t exist anymore.

Now look at the position of your fingers. See that? Now you’re left with the A minor chord, a chord you’ve probably played a thousand times. When you realize this, it will help you because now you know that the Bm ukulele finger position is just the A minor chord moved a few centimetres away.