Chord of Bm ukulele Easy to Play

You have dream to learn musical instrument and still don’t know which one you used learn. Maybe you can start to learn about ukulele. There is one big question inside your head, why I have to learn ukulele besides on guitar.

The first reason is easy , because  guitar is bigger than ukulele. It is easy to handle ukulele and bring this little instrument to everywhere you go. Then, ukulele has cheaper price than guitar. You can afford ukulele with only $20. Even when you want to buy high quality of ukulele, it will not cost more than $80.

After deciding and buying your own ukulele, you can start to learn how to play chord. There are so many chords, but we will start from B minor. There are three variations of Bm Ukulele easy to play and you can see form picture below.

Bm ukulele

Bm ukulele

Tips to Play on B minor:

  1. Fingering

Fingering is very important in all of musical instruments not only ukulele. It is why we have to learn fingering method to get the most efficient way to change the hand when play notes. The first you have to do is fingering. B minor is nasty chord, so we have to pay attention on fingering. For fingering number, the numbering on chord chart such 1,2,3, and 4 is really appropriate to be understood. Number 1,2,3, and 4 are your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky.

ukulele finger

  1. Press the Valid Fret

When you press the wrong fret, the ukulele will produce different sound. That  is the reason, we have to read the chord chart carefully, so we can play the right B minor. Information about the fret, you can see at the left side of the bars of chord charts such as 9, 2, and 4. For example, you want to play B minor which is started from ninth fret.

bm in D tunning

You can lay down your index finger on the strings which is written down as F#. Then, you may put your middle finger on D string and ring finger on another F# string. The rest is pressing the B string by using pinky finger. So that is all for Bm Ukulele easy.