Bm Ukulele GCEA

You ever watched Grace Vanderwaal played ukulele on television or maybe Taylor Swift on her early carrier as singer. Both of them can write their own song also and it is why they are so amazing. Maybe you are interested to become like that, so you will need to learn all of the chord by using this instrument. Right now, you can try to learn B minor which is never being easy for beginner. The first step always become uneasy right and it will become less hard after you understand the correct tips. Are you curious, here we go.

What is Bm Ukulele Chord GCEA ?

  • It Has Four Strings

You have to understand the basic that ukulele has four strings. The first string is called G string. The second and so on are C, E, and A strings. Just try to remember and distinguish every part in those strings because different strings will give you different voice. You have to cover the correct string to get the right voice of this chord.

kind of Bm chord on ukulele

  • Understand About Fred

Commonly ukulele has 12 – 15 frets and the amount are depending on the types of ukulele itself.  Every fret has small distance, so it will make our fingers easier to press the strings. You can also think that to play B minor is not as hard as what you think. You only have to read the right fret to get the beautiful harmony of B minor.

  • Fingering in Bm Ukulele Chord GCEA

We have four fingers that can be used to push the strings. In this case, just try to press down the C,E, and A strings by one finger of index finger at fret 2. Then, you have to place the ring finger on the G string.  Try to pick the string one by one or maybe all of it directly and you will hear a good harmony of B minor. Try to keep on practicing with the right fingering, so you will become a pro someday.

ukulele finger