Bm Ukulele Finger Placement Made Simple

The Bm ukulele finger placement is one of the hardest finger placements to execute. However, with some practice and strong will, you will be able to play it easily in no time. Don’t be intimidated before you try, because no one is born an expert. By following this short tutorial, I hope you can play this chord confidently.

It is not very frequently used, but you will regret not learning to play it when you have to. Minor chords are just as important as major chords because it provides a more romantic feel to songs, and no songs are complete without it. Songs only played with major chords sound boring.

Some ukulele players even deem the Bm chord nasty because the difficulty it has. Actually there’s no need to do it, this chord did not do anything wrong. All you have to do is find an easier, more practical way to play this chord. It might also feel more difficult for players with small hands, but do not worry. This article will be a walkthrough for you.

This is the Bm ukulele chord, or notated as “4, 2, 2, 2” on the soprano ukulele:

Ukulele soprano

Here are some tips that will help you play the Bm chord on the ukulele:

  • Use the barre.

What is a barre? If you are not familiar enough with this term, it is a finger position where you index finger is laid covering all of the strings in the second fret. Perform this position with just the right amount off pressure so each of the strings can make a clear sound.

  • Refrain from using four fingers.

Unless you are a professional, it will be very hard to execute this chord with four fingers. Using four fingers requires you to be extremely precise, and it will be harder to change the chord you are playing.

Maybe it won’t feel difficult if you are only practicing the Bm ukulele finger placement, but when you play a song, you will know what I mean. Just use the barre technique mentioned above for extra convenience.

  • Move your hand away from your body.

If strings 1, 2, and 3 do not sound clear because your finger is muffling them, try to move your hand away. This way, you will play the ukulele with a different angle, making it more possible to sound clear.

  • Grip the ukulele neck tightly with your fingers.

ukulele finger

I am talking about your thumb and index finger. This will help you apply the right amount of pressure so the chord you are playing sounds just right. If two fingers are not enough, add another finger above your index finger. If you do this, you will feel more confident in playing your ukulele because your grip is not limp.

Everything Gets Better with Practice, Including the Bm Ukulele Finger Placement

Whether you are jumpstarting your ukulele journey or taking baby steps to ukulele expertise, you should not forget that your skills will never develop without proper and frequent practice. This applies to all fields, not just ukulele. After learning the Bm ukulele finger placement, don’t just stop there. There are still a lot of chords that you should learn in order to become a skilled ukulele player.

Never give up; just do your best and good things will come your way!