Bm Ukulele Chord Chart

Bm Ukulele Chord Chart 1

There are so many types of ukulele in this world, but today we will only talk about pentatonic ukulele scale. This ukulele has standard tuning of GCEA which is very common for everyone. This type of ukulele is often played in music genre such as blues, rock, and pop.

I guess that you are familiar with the major scale and how about the minor scale. If you still don’t understand about the minor scale, don’t worry. We are going to learn today together. In pentatonic scale, there are only five notes of B minor.

Bm Ukulele Chord Chart

Position of Every Notes

You may ask where is the first of B Minor. The answer is easy. It is located on A string at second fret. The way we play this note is different from the way we play for chord.  If we play in note, we only require to press down one of the string and pick it to produce the sound.

When we play in chord, we have to cover more than two strings. Then, the second note of b minor is placed on G string at forth fret. Here, you already understand about two kinds of B minors. You can try to repeat it on and on, so it will be easy to remind again.

b minor chord ukulele

Next, the third note is laid on the E string at the seventh fret. The forth is positioned on the C string at the eleventh fret and the last is located on A string at the fourteenth of fret. You may see that from the first and the second note, there is only one gap of fret.

Then from the second to third, there are two leap of fret. This leap will grow bigger than back down slightly from the forth to the fifth note. After this analyzing, it will be easier for you to remember the whole of B minor notes at pentatonic scale.